Monday, May 7, 2007

ha! it WAS a good Monday!

And thanks to the other folks who confessed their deep, secretly-held love for Mondays too.

I tried Robin Jones Gunn's suggestion about getting up early to write today. Well, a modified version. I know that getting up at 3 am would - well, not kill me, but make me (as my friend Emily would say) a bad mommy. So I got up at 5 am.

I had trouble getting started, but at about 5:20, my son woke up wanting to nurse, and as I fed him in the pre-dawn dark, I let my mind wander through my ideas, and when Gamgee was blissfully asleep again, I was able to write easily. Nothing better than nursing for brain-storming.

And the rest of the day . . . was okay. I got a nap during the kids' afternoon nap, and I got the laundry done, and the dishes and dinner, and all that good stuff. And made Duplo houses and stairs and slides with my daughter. And we read library books. And Gamgee and I looked out the window at the sky and trees and houses. And I got to go for a walk with a friend.

It was a very good Monday. God be praised.

I think I'll get up early again on Wednesday.

Also, the two hours of silence? The introvert in me was ecstatic. :D

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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Ruthie said...

Hi Jessica! I've "rediscovered" you in the blogging world, and I'm so glad I did! This one is great, and I've even made the brocolli recipe (soooo good) from your other one. I'm planning to start commenting, so wanted to "reintroduce" myself, since I haven't been connected with you in awhile. I don't have your email, so if you're interested in viewing our blog (which is really just the everyday of our lives. Not beyond that right now) email me @ my Don't remember my last name? Post here. :)