Sunday, May 20, 2007

pictures from our Ascension Day hike

Which was not on Ascension Day, but close. We skipped the canyon and ridge, and just hiked a nice, long, suburban hill, that we usually zoom over by car on the way to church. You could tell, my husband pointed out, that no one expected anyone to actually use the sidewalk, by how closely the trees were planted, and how they made you squish up next to the hillside when you walked past them. "It's a courtesy sidewalk," he said. And, indeed, we passed no other pedestrians on the way up or down.

But the park at the top was beautiful, and we read the story of the Ascension from Matthew and Luke and Acts, and read the Ascension Collects in the BCP, and I found it easier to picture and feel the wonder of the disciples as they watched Jesus being taken up into heaven there at the top of the hill than I have anywhere else ever.

A very good tradition, I think.

peace of Christ to you,
Jessica snell

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