Where else to find me online

   -"Expensive," at Daily Science Fiction
   -"An Anonymous Source," at Havok Magazine (Amazon link)
   -"The Newest Love," at Spark Magazine (Amazon link)
   -"The Health of the Heart," at Spark Magazine (Amazon link)

-For the Church:
     -"Advent: Two Kinds of Waiting at Once"

-Christ and Pop Culture:
      -"Galavant: Finding Meaning in a Merry, Mocking Medieval Musical"
      -"American Ninja Warrior: Villains Need Not Apply"

-Touchstone Magazine: "The Feast Goes On".

-Biola University:
     -"Simeon and Anna: the First to Recognize the Messiah" at The Advent Project.
     -"Mary Magdalene Encounters the Risen Christ" at The Lent Project

     -"The Life-Changing Magic of Volunteering at Church" at Preventing Grace.

-Chicken Soup for the Soul
   -"Paperback Christmas," in The Wonder of Christmas (Amazon link)
   -"Right," in My Very Good, Very Bad Dog (Amazon link)
   -"The Joy of Dirty Dishes," in The Power of Gratitude (Amazon link)
   -"Like That," in The Miracle of Love (Amazon link)
   -"Friendship in Translation," in Step Outside Your Comfort Zone (Amazon link)

-Clutter Interrupted:
   -Podcast on celebrating Advent.
   -What Is Epiphany and How Do You Celebrate it?
   -What is Lent and How Do You Celebrate It?

-Money Saving Mom:
   -6 Places to Find Discounts on Counseling

-The Dollar Stretcher:
     -Sharing a House

-Various sites:
     -"A Miraculous Journey" - interview at Kathy Ide's website
     -"You Are Not Alone" at Sarah Ruut's blog - miscarriage and infertility
     -"3 Questions Wednesday" - and interview over at Writing Prompts

Other fun stuff:
-My profile and books at Doulos Resources.

-My Goodreads profile.

-My Ravelry profile.

-My Twitter profile.

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