Thursday, January 31, 2019

Recent Publications

Well, sort of recent publications! Sorry for being so tardy, but I thought I should at least make sure they were linked here, at the blog-of-record.

This past December, I was delighted to get to write about Advent both at For the Church and at The Advent Project.

At For the Church, I wrote an article called "Advent: Two Kinds of Waiting at Once." Here's a snippet:
...what if there was a judge who could mete out justice—punishment and reward alike—with no ugliness and no error? A judge who would hear the cries of the hungry, see the sorrow of the oppressed, and heed the pleas of the downtrodden? And not only heed them, but rectify them? What if there was a judge who could make all things right? 
That is what we long for; that is what we hope for. And, in Advent, that is what we affirm that we eagerly expect.

At Biola University's Advent Project, I wrote a devotional about Anna and Simeon. Here's a taste of it:
Rejoice in the kindness of the Lord, who did not leave us alone in our loneliness and our damnation and our fear, but became one of us, the greatest making Himself the smallest, the Creator becoming a child who could be wrapped in blankets, who could be circumcised, who could be held in His mother’s arms, who could be delighted over by the widow, who could be seen by the prophet.
Even though it's a bit late for Advent reading, I hope you'll take a peek at these articles. It might not be Advent anymore, but it's never a bad time to revisit the wonderful news that God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to earth to save us.

Hope you had a good Advent, a wonderful Christmas, and that you're enjoying a blessed Epiphany!

-Jessica Snell