Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Yarnalong: "The Iron Sceptre" and Knit Stars

It's getting close to Christmas, and my knitting has turned glittery. :)  I had some old Vanna's Glamour yarn that I wasn't sure what to do with, but when I saw this free pattern from WEBS, it was the perfect fit.

And no, I'm not going to get a garland made before Christmas, I don't think, but it's okay. Next year will do just as well.

The book is a good fit, too. My dad read it to us, and now I'm reading it to my kids. And they're getting just as caught up in the story as I did. The fantastical world and the children's adventures just sweep them along. As an adult, part of my brain notes the little quirks of prose that make it unfashionable, in a literary sense (it's not old enough yet for the quirks to make it "classic"), but as an adult, I also notice all the wonderful, sweet, and good moments. John White's insight into the human heart was keen, and as I reread The Iron Sceptre, I'm beginning to realize just how many truths about God and grace I first learned here.

I totally recommend it, though you might want to start with The Tower of Geburah.

More book-and-yarn goodness can be found over at Ginny's Small Things.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

p.s. Speaking of books, you can win a free one! There are currently two blogs hosting giveaways of "Let Us Keep the Feast: Living the Church Year at Home". You can enter once here, at Life of a Catholic Librarian, and also here, at La Strada Tostada. A free book on celebrating Advent and Christmas would be a perfect fit for the season too, right? :D


Drie Hoog said...

What a lovely star it is! Nice pattern and the yarn is wonderful for it!

Anne said...

I like that star!! The Feasts book sounds good too.
Thanks for stopping by,