Monday, December 2, 2013

More Advent Links!

I'm sorry, I can't help myself, they're everywhere!

"How the Liturgical Calendar Keeps Me Sane":
And this is why the liturgical calendar helps keep me sane. Because it reminds us that there can be no celebration without preparation. It keeps us from cheaply proclaiming hope before we’ve adequately waited, mourned, and sat in the ache of longing. We aren’t ready to celebrate until we acknowledge over time through ritual and worship that we and this world are not yet right and whole.
"The Advent that Almost Wasn't":
That is one thing I adore about the Liturgical year - when it becomes a part of your family culture, it can have a stabilizing affect. As life swirls around us, we have the familiarity of the same activities, traditions, smells, sounds, words to keep us anchored. And what better to be anchored to than the Church - the Bride of Christ and, as the Bride of Christ, Christ himself?
"Advent Vespers" - an Advent series from the excellent blog "Lent and Beyond", this features a reflection or prayer to go along with the day's reading. A great resource for your devotions this month.

"The Advent Project" - an Advent calendar for grown-ups! This one has a short devotional, along with a piece of art - visual or musical - for each day of Advent and Christmas. I'm excited about this one!

The Gifts of Christmas - Sherry at Semicolon is blogging through Advent with reviews of Christmas books - or Christmas scenes from non-Christmas-themed books - so cool! (Also? a great place to get ideas for your gift list - what better gift than a book?)

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