Thursday, December 12, 2013

Babywearing twins, part II

(Oh my goodness, look how tired I am in that picture - wow! Those were the days . . .)

The second half of my article on babywearing twins is up now on Baby Bellies - this one is about carrying two babies at a time - hands-free! - when they're not little tiny newborns anymore. Check it out!

Peace of Christ to you,,
Jessica Snell


Anonymous said...

Yes! I love this. I don't have twins but I routinely have to hold all three of my kids at once. The baby goes in front, middle toddler on my hip, and older toddler on my back!

jen said...

I've been sharing these in a moms group I'm part of online. Two of the women just had their twins, 2 have twins between 1 and 2 years old, and one is due with twins next week.

Jessica Snell said...

Wow, three kids at once - that's awesome!

Jen, thanks for sharing the article, I hope it's helpful to them!