Thursday, December 5, 2013

What People Are Saying About "Let Us Keep the Feast: Epiphany and Lent"

I'm excited to say that the Epiphany and Lent edition of "Let Us Keep the Feast" is now available for purchase!  Here is what some people are saying about it:

As I read this book, I felt so much peace and joy in thinking about the many ways we can orient our lives to Christ's story.  In my busy, urban, context, I long for meaningful, embodied ways to connect with Jesus.  Let Us Keep the Feast will be a great blessing to me and the fast-moving city dwellers I minister to.
–Julie Barrios, Director of Spiritual Formation at Reality SF

With simplicity and sincerity, this little book shares the joy of celebrating Christ's gospel in the calendar. Its simplicity will give comfort and clarity to readers who have not yet celebrated the Christian calendar, and its sincerity will rally readers who have followed it their whole lives. It is practical and generous, stuffed with craft ideas, recipes, references to Auden or Eliot's poems, and heartfelt reflections–a delightful, edifying mixture.
- Peter David Gross, Executive Director of Wheatstone Ministries and Editor of The Examined Life

Christianity takes time seriously, and there is something special and holy about celebrating the church year in the home as a family.  I’m delighted to see this volume on Epiphany and Lent, and I believe it provides a wonderful resource to individuals and families who want to take seriously the sacred rhythms of a life in Christ.  Let Us Keep the Feast is a bountiful blessing!
-Peter Barnes, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Winston-Salem

This book comes to us not as exhortation but as invitation: Join the feast (and fast), it will nourish your soul and enrich your family. The authors usher us into two complementary seasons of the Christian Year, Epiphany (the season of light) and Lent (“the season of less”) in ways designed for home and heart. Anna Gissing helps us to extend the joyful implications of Jesus’ birth and life into the winter weeks of Epiphany, while Cate MacDonald guides us into the spirit of Lenten fasting intended to quiet us before God so that we can “hear more clearly” and “speak more honestly.” And these welcome and winsome encouragements come spiced with fresh resources for us and our families: scriptures, songs, poems, prayers, recipes and creative activities that help us dwell in the story of Christ artfully. Indeed, let us keep the feast with this spread of delectable servings.
-          Bobby Gross, author of Living the Christian Year and Director of InterVarsity's Graduate & Faculty Ministries

It is well-written, geared to the non-specialist reader who hasn't got a lot of time on her hands, and very practical. I think it ought to do very well and only hope that the other books in the series live up to this one.
-          Gerald Bray, Research Professor of Divinity, Beeson Divinity School, author of Godis Love, and The Doctrine of God

Protestant retrieving the Church calendar is one of the most important and encouraging signs of renewal that I know. This short introduction to two important seasons is everything an introduction should be: theologically astute, clear, practical, and properly introductory. It knows just how much people new to these practices might need to get started with a big list of resources for those who want more. I highly recommend it.
- Matthew Anderson, author of "The End of Our Exploring" and "Earthen Vessels"

Consider picking up a copy today!

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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