Monday, December 2, 2013

Book Notes: The Little Leaf, by Adam B. Shaeffer

The Little LeafThe Little Leaf by Adam B. Shaeffer
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This book is a short little parable for kids about spiritual formation.

I know that's a bit of an odd sentence - the book has a bit of an odd, unexpected subject. But, as Dallas Willard says, "Everyone has a spiritual formation". The question is, what kind?

And this book, in its simple little story, talks about the best kind: the kind where you put yourself in the presence of God, and let Him grow you. It's a bit of a lesson in what doesn't work, too: neither sloth nor self-driven effort are going to lead to maturity.

And points for the story never actually coming out and saying what it's about. It leaves room for the parent to ask the child, "What do you think that means?" and having the conversation that follows. (I do think, however, that you DO want to have that conversation with your kids after you read it, because kids still in that very literal-and-concrete stage are not going to get it on their own.)

In the end, this isn't a big story, but it's the kind of simple little tale that might end up sticking, and meaning something important to your kids later, when they're old enough to have personal experience to add strength to its simple metaphor.

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