Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Book Notes: Brother William's Year, by Jan Pancheri

Brother William's Year: A Monk at Westminster AbbeyBrother William's Year: A Monk at Westminster Abbey by Jan Pancheri
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This book takes you through a year in the life of a medieval monk living in Westminster Abbey. There's a heavy emphasis on seasonal work and food, rather than on the meanings of the feasts and fasts of the church year. It's also (appropriately, for children) a pretty sanitized portrayal of medieval life.

But oh, the pictures are gorgeous. I love them. This is just a beautiful book. And I actually like it very much as an introduction for children to the idea of monastic life, and also the idea of seasonal living. It's just a pleasant, interesting, visual feast of a read. Recommended.

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Anonymous said...

I love books for children with great art. That way they not only get the story but learn to appreciate art right alongside!