Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yarnalong: the duel of the sweaters

See the dark blue circle? that's the back of my crocheted Petals Wrap Cardigan, which will be my second adult-sized crocheted sweater.

And see the rolled-up green swath of stockinette? that's the beginning (I hope!) of my Round the Corner Hoodie, which will be - I hope! - my first adult-sized knitted sweater.

I keep switching back and forth between which one I'm working on. I'm eager for both of them to be done, but I can't seem to settle down to work on just one.

So, I'll be happily fickle on the craft front for awhile I think. (I'm being kind of brand-faithful though, I guess, because both of the yarns are from Knit Picks. The blue is their Shadow Lace in Nocturne Heather, and the green is Wool of the Andes worsted in Everglade Heather - both bought before the jump in wool prices hit the store.)

Meanwhile, I'm digging "Theft of Swords". I don't remember where I saw it recommended, but it's certainly a fun read so far. There's already been a successful robbery, a foiled robbery, a princess in distress, a murder, an escape from execution, a journey down a river, the the assignment of a perilous mission, and I'm barely 1/5 through it. And it's funny, which is pretty much a necessity in speculative fiction - at least in my book. I'm hoping that the next 4/5's play out as well as the beginning.

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Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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Ellen said...

The hoodie pattern is beautiful with all that delicate lace design.