Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lenten Links: some good reading for Shrove Tuesday

For kids:
-a printable Lenten calendar (similar to an Advent calendar)

On fasting:
-". . . our intent is to wean ourselves off of worldly things and love Christ Jesus more . . ."
-". . . Jesus - and so many, many others - went into the desert to fast and pray. The purpose of going into the desert wasn't fasting. The purpose was praying. It's just that some times you have to make room for prayer, and that is the essence of fasting."
-"Welcome, Dear feast of Lent . . ."
-To Hell on a Cream Puff

Other Lenten disciplines:
-An examen of conscience
-Spring Cleaning
-Disciplines of Engagement
-Putting Down and Taking Up

A few of my own:
-a playlist of music for Lent
-what fasting might be for

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Kerry said...

I shared your link on Facebook! Thanks for this great collection of links.

Kerry said...

And I didn't even realize one was from my blog! Thanks for the link...you are keeping my blog busier than I am. :)

Jessica Snell said...

Kerry, thanks for the compliment and the link-sharing!

and I miss your blog posts! What are you up to these days?