Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My favorite knitting & crochet projects from 2013

I failed at my crafting goal of learning colorwork in 2013 (new goal: learn colorwork in 2014!), but I did succeed in creating some finished objects I'm really proud of! Here are my favorite projects of 2014:

1) My husband's kilt socks. This was a looooong project, but it turned out so well! Pattern is Kilravock, free over at Knitty.

2) This lace scarf. It's the fanciest knitted lace I've attempted so far and only confirmed what I already suspected: I really like knitting lace. I'm hoping to tackle a few more complicated lace patterns in 2014! Pattern is Florence, free on Ravelry.

3) This enormous crocheted lace tablecloth. This one confirmed my suspicion that I love doilies. Yes, I'm secretly 83. But, seriously! There's such lovely symmetry in these old patterns. They deserve a resurgence in popularity. Pattern is "Large Pineapple Doily", free here.

4) This warm afghan. The fun part of this was figuring out how to take the multiplicity of thrifted laceweight yarns in my stash and work them into a unified whole. I'm really happy with the gradient I achieved, and I love having this piece in my living room. The "Ripple Afghan" pattern is available for free, here, though I will note that I modified it by holding a variety of weights of yarns together, and swapping them out in a pattern I worked out myself.

5) My new favorite cardigan. I've been getting a lot of wear out of this. This pattern's available for purchase here at Interweave, but I got it by buying an old copy of the magazine it originally appeared in. I love laceweight sweaters!

6) A second Color Affection. This is such a great pattern (Ravelry link). I'm actually scheduled to make a third this year, this time for my mom! The pattern's not free, but I found it worth the price, especially since I've used it twice already!

If you're a crafter, what were your favorite patterns and projects in this last year? Any of the ones I linked to look like something you want to try?

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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Luisa said...

These projects are gorgeous. Good luck with colorwork in 2014! My goal is entrelac knitting.