Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Updates to the blog

This post is mostly for folks who (like me) read most of their blogs through an RSS feed-reader (like AOL Reader or Bloglovin') and so rarely actually visit the actual blog site itself.

I've made a few changes to my blog in the past month or so, and wanted to highlight them for you. First, my blog has more than one page now. Aside from the homepage that you land on when you click through to my site, I have:

-an About Me page. This has a slightly longer bio, as well as contact information, should you want it.

-I have a My Books page, too. This is exactly what it sounds like: information about my books. :)

-I have a Blogroll page. This lists (by category) various blogs and websites and podcasts I enjoy. I hope you'll find some good reading there!

-I have a page that tells you where else to find me online. This includes links to articles and interviews I've done elsewhere on the web, as well as links to my Ravelry and Goodreads profiles.

-There is now a Posts by Category page. These are divided into four major categories:
     -Faith. This includes church year posts, devotional thoughts, etc.
     -Family. This includes posts on mothering, marriage, and parenting.
     -Homemaking. This is where you'll find things like recipes and housekeeping posts.
     -Stories. This is where you'll find my book reviews, TV & movie reviews, writing posts, etc.
All of these categories have clickable sub-categories, so it should be pretty easy to specifically find whatever it is you're looking for.

-a Church Year Resources page. A few of the linked-to posts here are mine, but most of them are posts from around the web that I've found informative, inspiring, or helpful in my quest to celebrate the church year at home. I hope you'll find them useful, too!

All of these pages are accessible through labeled tabs at the top of my blog.

Other changes
Aside from adding the above pages, I've made a few more tweaks:

-I updated my template. It has a wider textbox and a more pleasing background. I know I find it more pleasing to the eye than that old, cramped design!

-I joined the Amazon affiliate program. You've probably noted that on some of my posts (mostly my book reviews), I've posted Amazon links. Most of you probably know how the Amazon affiliate program works, but in case you don't, here's the quick version: if you click through to Amazon from my blog, and buy something there (whether it's something I recommend or not), I get paid a small percentage of your purchase price. Also, it's anonymous. I can see what people buy, but have no idea who bought it.
I happily use Amazon all the time myself, which is why I felt okay joining their program. Click through their links if you want to, don't if you don't - I just hope you read and enjoy my posts! :)

-I joined Bible Gateway's Blogger Grid.  Bible Gateway's another site I've used for a long time - it's been my go-to for years, for those times when I've wanted to look up Bible passages online - so I was happy when they asked me to join their blog network! I'm also looking forward to clicking around their site and investigating the other bloggers on the network - the quality of the bloggers I recognize make me suspect that the ones I don't are probably pretty good!

I think that's it. I've been kind of sprucing things up for a while now, so I might have forgotten to list one of the changes. But, overall, I hope I've made this an easier-to-use, more welcoming place. Take a look around, and let me know what you think!

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Lisa said...

Love how organized you are! I look forward to zipping around your blog and finding your great resources for following the church year, reading and recipes, especially...

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Looks really nice!

Jessica Snell said...

Thanks, Lisa! thanks, Emily!

Amie said...

I had noticed and I love it! Good work Jessica!

Jessica Snell said...

thanks, Amie!