Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year’s Resolution #4: Love me

This is a new one for this year. But it’s along the lines of “love others as you love yourself.” Part of loving the ones God has given me to love is to make sure I’m well enough that I can love them and care for them.

Some of the specific ways I plan to do that:
1) Exercise 5X/week, when not sick. I’ve been putting on my workout clothes first thing in the morning, and that’s been working really well.

2) Do a modified No S, when it’s not feast time or fast time. (My modification is that I allow for fruit/veg and/or protein (e.g., milk, nuts) as snacks. I just do better when I snack!)  

3) Keep reading real books. The Web is wonderful and distracting, but I feel better when I read real books. I always keep track of my books read, but recently I've been keeping keep track of my reading time, and it’s helped me get back on track with my to-be-read list. I want to keep this up in the new year.

4) Be aware that lot of the things in the other categories help here, too. Like listening to the Bible, praying, writing, spending time with Adam, getting out of the house as a family, etc. All of those things keep me healthy and functioning.

What about you?
Talk about your self-care goals in the comments, or link to your post about your goals. I’ll add any links to the body of this post, so they’re easier for others to see and visit.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

p.s.  I really liked Jen's comment on my last blog:
I've heard of doing "high-lows" (what you're doing when you ask your kids for one bad thing and one good thing), doing the 3 J's (your junk, your joy, and your Jesus moment), and a modified examen (something you're thankful for, something you wish you hadn't done, and somewhere you saw God's work during the day.) 
I really want to try the 3 J idea!  and maybe the modified examen, too. Thanks, Jen!

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