Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year’s Resolution #2: Love my husband:

New Year’s Resolution #2: Love my husband:

This resolution is less complex than the “Love God” one I posted yesterday. Maybe just because it’s harder to forget someone who’s physically present with you?

Nonetheless, in the same way I have to remind myself to attend to the Lord, I find I have to remind myself to attend to my husband. Here are some ways I’m hoping to do that this year:

1) Go to bed on time. Adam’s mornings start earlier than mine, but he appreciates it when I go to sleep with him and wake up with him (or at least wake up before he goes to work). This is a little tricky, because I actually physically need more sleep than he does, but it’s worth working on (and since I'm a SAHM, naps are a thing I can do, when I need to catch up).

2) Spend our 15 min. a day together. This is something we’ve started deliberately doing this last year, and it’s really good. We spend all kinds of time together, of course: working at church, working at home, taking care of the kids together . . . but this is different. This is 15 minutes a day when we just sit together and talk. We catch up. Sometimes it ends up just being a nice little break; sometimes it turns out we have issues we really have to work through.

Either way, having a dedicated time to just us has turned out to be a really good thing. It keeps that space open, so that it’s there when we need it. It's time that reminds me that this is my friend, my love, my heart. It sounds silly, but it totally works. 

3) Encourage him in all good things. What’s good for Adam is good for me. I just want to keep remembering that, so that I cheerlead him in things that he loves and that are healthy for him, instead of curling into my little introvert ball and assuming that anyone who wants to spend that much time with other people must be a total weirdo. :)

4) Joyful, frequent sex. Of course!

What about you?
Talk about your marriage goals in the comments, or link to your post about your goals. I’ll add any links to the body of this post, so they’re easier for others to see and visit. (And if you’re not married, please share your goals for loving those in your household or church or family or wherever your closest community is found.)

-Tienne of Take the Poor With You posted about her resolutions here. Thank you for sharing, Tienne!

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