Monday, January 14, 2013

12 12s in 2012 (and favorite projects of 2012)

(The first part of this post is about my 2012 crafting challenge. The second part has the pretty, pretty pictures, if you'd rather just scroll ahead. :) )

Amber asked me how my "12 12s in 2012" craft challenge went. On New Year's Day last year, I wrote:
I'm participating in a crafting challenge this year called "12 12s in 2012". (For those interested, it's hosted on Ravelry in the group "Stash Knitdown".)
The idea is that you make a list of twelve kinds of things that you're going to make twelve of this year.
How'd it go? Well, I managed to complete most of the categories, if you're generous in your definition of "most". Here are my results:

Goals I made: 12 items made from patterns I already have, 12 items made for me, 12 items made for others, 12 knitted items, 12 crocheted items, 12 household items, looked at 12 new craft books
Goals I didn't reach: 12 socks (only made 7),  12 new-to-me-techniques (only learned 6), 12 scrappy projects (only two! But they were both huge afghans, so together they represent a lot of stash used up), 12 Christmas gifts made and ready BEFORE December of 2012! (only did 4).

So, it was a fun challenge. I didn't complete it, but I enjoyed it and I did get a lot done. Here are some of my favorite projects from 2012:

So, for 2013, I have some new, (maybe) more modest goals:

1) Learn colorwork. Specifically, I want to make the fingerless version of Stephannie Tallent's Quatrefoil Mitts, and then I want to progress on to the hilarious "Fightin' Words" mitts.

2) Learn Irish crochet, using my laceweight scraps. My inspiration is the otherworldly, crazy beauty found in the Russian magazine Duplet and the amazing tutorials Máire Treanor has been writing in Interweave Crochet.

3) I also want to use up some of the older yarns in my stash. So I think every other project I start has to be made in an older stash yarn.

What about you? How was your 2012 in crafting? And do you have any goals for 2013?

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Amber said...

Wow, you did wonderfully, and created some beautiful pieces! You are definitely a crafting inspiration for me.

My two crafting goals for 2013 are to knit a pair of socks and to make enough scubbies and dishcloths that I can get rid of my kitchen sponges and icky and worn-out cloths.

I've started crocheting simple things (mainly the dish cloths and scrubbies) while helping with math lessons and listening to reading practice to get a little more crafting time in. :-)

Jessica Snell said...

thanks, Amber, and great goals! And I hear you on the multi-tasking. I usually keep some knitting or crocheting in my purse so that I can get a bit done when I have a moment here or there. And I love knitting and listening to audiobooks.

btw, I really found "Silver's Sock Class" helpful when I made my first pair!