Monday, January 7, 2013

Links - Movie Backgrounds, Flying the Nest, Epiphany, and more!

6 Places You'll Recognize from the Background of Every Movie - I think the only one I've ever been to is Agua Dulce. But it's a fun list.  (I'd add the Huntington Library and Gardens to the list, too! That shows up all the time.)

The End Game of Motherhood - if you haven't acquainted yourself with Sandra Taylor's excellent blog, go on over and start with this one.

And, on the same theme, here's Michelle's My Eighteen Year Old Drove Away Today. I'm grateful for these mothers writing so well about stuff I haven't hit yet - makes me hope I might be more ready for it all when the day comes.

Bell and Board - a new discovery! A blog about cooking and eating through the church year. So cool!

"Obfuscatory pseudo-intellection":
I sometimes think that although western culture proudly regards itself as having cast off the shackles of Christianity, it has in fact only sunk into Christian heresy, with the labels switched to confuse the rubes. 
The gift of Epiphany is that all the gifts of Christmas are for us. Us!
"A Simple Way to Create Suspense": this one's for the writers, but I think anyone who consumes media will enjoy learning just how they're manipulated into turning the page. Put this in the "simple, but brilliant" category.


Elena Johnston said...

Thanks for the link! =)

And I love that article about suspense! It may explain why I'm having such a hard time blending narrative and argument--in a lot of ways, they just play by opposite rules.

Becky Madsen said...


I'm so glad you like our blog and thanks for passing on our link! Actually, an article you wrote for Touchstone Magazine several years ago helped peak my interest in the church year (I grew up non-denominational evangelical where we only celebrated Christmas and Easter), so thank you for that as well!


Michelle @ Liturgical Time said...

Thanks so much for sharing all of these links! I'm humbled to have been included.

Have you seen this yet? So beautiful:

Pax Christi,

Michelle @ Liturgical Time said...

Seems to be a theme of late:
God bless the mamas. :)

Jessica Snell said...

Becky - oh wow, it's so good to hear that! Your blog is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to following it through the year. :)

Michelle, thanks for writing what you do. And thanks for the other links!