Thursday, January 3, 2013

Links! - Las Posadas, writing, Tolkien, and more!

A Las Posadas Activity for a Homeschool Group - so cool!

Okay, ignore the graphic at this link. It's the conversation below it that exactly describes how I feel about writing.

Auden and Elvish:
Auden repeatedly challenged the idea that Tolkien’s work was only suitable for children. Tolkien’s world may not be the same as our own, Auden wrote in a 1956 review of the author’s work for the New York Times, but it’s a world “of intelligible law, not mere wish,” that represents our own reality. Moreover, Auden wrote, Tolkien’s moral sensibility was profoundly grownup, especially when it came to theological questions. “The Lord of the Rings,” he wrote, aimed to reconcile “two incompatible notions” we have about God. On the one hand, we envision “a God of Love who creates free beings who can reject his love”; on the other, we picture “a God of absolute Power whom none can withstand.” It’s a story about how, as we gain power, we lose freedom. “Mr. Tolkien is not as great a writer as Milton,” Auden conceded, “but in this matter he has succeeded where Milton failed.”

This decluttering calendar for 2013 looks interesting - and maybe even doable!


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Amber said...

That is a wonderful quote about Tolkien and about writing! Really, if it wasn't for Tolkien, I think it would have taken me a lot longer to become Christian. There was something about the Lord of the Rings trilogy that spoke to me in a very deep way and created an openness in me that no amount of apologetics could ever have done.

And thanks for the link! Glad you liked it. :-)

Jessica Snell said...

Amber, that's so cool to hear. Three cheers for Tolkien!