Thursday, March 29, 2012

a workout you can do with kids around - no babysitter required

This won't work in the dead of winter and it'd be miserable in the heat of summer, but in this lovely spring? I have a workout for you.

Equipment: a jump-rope and a park your kids like.

The plan: Take your kids to the park. Find a spot next to the playground that's reasonably flat. Shade's a plus. Make sure you can see your kids.

Round 1: -100 jumping jacks
              -20 squats
              -jump rope 100 times
              -20 sit-ups
Go through Round 1 three times.

Round 2: -100 jumping jacks
              -20 lunges, alternating legs
              -jump rope 100 times
              -10 push-ups
Go through Round 2 three times.

This takes about half an hour, and it'll get your heart-rate up nicely, hit both your quads and glutes, which are big muscles that burn a lot of calories, and give you some ab and arm work too. And you can keep an eye on your kids the whole time (except maybe during the push-ups).

And you get to do it outside! I love exercising outside. Sun and sky and trees = happy me.

If you don't have a jump rope, you could substitute jogging or jumping in place. Easy-peasy!

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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