Monday, March 19, 2007

March 19: the feast of St. Joseph

Today is what the BCP calls a "major feast", the feast of St. Joseph.

When I think of St. Joseph, the first thing that comes to mind is the opening rhyme of "A Song for Joseph", an old Arch children's book by Mervin A. Marquardt:

"Sing me a song of a man named Joseph,
Sing me a song of a carpenter man
Husband of Mary, God's honorary
Father of Jesus; a heavenly plan!"

Amidst all the fights about Mary, it's good to take a day off and ponder her spouse, the good, faithful Joseph. He's less noticeable than his wife and child, but he's also the one from whom they draw their strength. (Yes, Mary and Jesus drew their strength from God, but Joseph was one of the conduits of God's love to them, I think.) Nursing moms can tell you how important a husband is - someone who takes over when you're too exhausted to think, too hormonal to anything but cry. Isn't it good of God to give someone to Mary to be her support as she carried His son? And when their family was in danger from Herod, God spoke to Joseph about what to do. Mary just had to take care of her baby, while Joseph took care of getting them to a safe place in Egypt.

I guess I see today as a day to be extra thankful for good men, men like Joseph who support their families, carry heavy loads, who lend strong back and patient ear to those they care for. I'm blessed to know lots of men like Joseph, faithful and obedient to God, righteous and kind. I think I'll try to spend today praying for them. I hope you know a few men like St. Joseph too.

peace of Christ to you,

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