Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekly Links: Catechesis, Faith, and more!

Some good reading for your weekend:

"Getting Catechesis Back On Track":
Gregory’s point in those days was this: that doctrinal battles are not fought in councils, but in the hearts and minds of ordinary people, as the Church seeks to catechize and form those hearts and minds in the Faith once delivered . . . he and his confreres, the Cappadocians, took great efforts to win hearts and minds with persuasive and attractive teaching on Holy Scripture and especially the teaching it contains on creation, the person of Christ, and the Holy Spirit. This is what won the day.
"Believe You Have Received it and it Will Be Yours?"
To ask for something in Jesus’ name is not merely to append the name Jesus to your prayers. It is to pray according to Jesus’ character, purpose, and will . . .
"Why Islam Is More Violent Than Christianity: An Atheist's Guide":
As an atheist, I have no god in this fight, so to speak. I don’t think the differences between religions make one more valid than another. But as the Charlie Hedbo attack reminds us, there is a big practical difference between them. In fact, the best argument against the equivalence of Christianity and Islam is that no one acts even remotely as if this were true. We feel free to criticize and offend Christians without a second thought—thanks, guys, for being so cool about that—but antagonizing Muslims takes courage. More courage than a lot of secular types in the West can usually muster.

"When Bread Bags Weren't Funny":
There's a scene in one of the books where Laura is excited to get her own tin cup for Christmas, because she previously had to share with her sister. Think about that. No, go into your kitchen and look at your dishes. Then imagine if you had three kids, four plates and three cups, because buying another cup was simply beyond your household budget -- because a single cup for your kid to drink out of represented not a few hours of work, but a substantial fraction of your annual earnings, the kind of money you really had to think hard before spending. Then imagine how your five-year-old would feel if they got an orange and a Corelle place setting for Christmas.

And finally, just for the fun of it, a snippet of David Tennant as Benedick:


Amber said...

You have some good links this week, thanks! I found the Christianity and Islam one particularly fascinating. He wrote a great high level summary.

Jessica Snell said...

Thank you, Amber, that's so nice to hear!