Tuesday, January 27, 2015

new books!

One of the best parts of my new job is this:

Getting new books in the mail!

It's a nice little mix of books from Doulos Resources, our parent publisher, and Kalos Press, the imprint I work on.

The first one is "God in the Sink: Essays from Toad Hall", by Margie Haack.  This was the first title I got to work on when I joined Kalos last fall, and it was almost ready to go to print when I first saw it.  Margie's a lovely writer, and it was a joy to have such a good book be my introduction to the job of a general editor!

Margie's one of those writers who can write about ordinary life and you see the beauty shining through it. She's also got a disarming candor that draws you in and makes you feel like you're no longer alone, but in good company. She's also been in ministry for so many years, that she has some un-ordinary stories, too!

The second one is "Naked and Unashamed: Exploring the Way the Good News of Jesus Transforms Intimacy", by Rob Toornstra.  I've just started this one, and I'm already encouraged by his approach, which is to focus on what is good about sex, and not just about the "thou shalt not's".  He promises describe a positive theology of sexuality and I?  I am intrigued.

The last one is "One Enduring Story: A Basic Guide to Safely Navigating the Biblical Terrain", by Christopher M. Morgan.  I haven't started this one yet, but I love books consider together the messages of the Old and New Testament, so I'm looking forward to reading Morgan's take on the message of the whole Bible.

Peace of Christ,
Jessica Snell

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