Monday, January 26, 2015

Book Notes: "The Cherokee Trail", by Louis L'Amour

I've admired Louis L'Amour for awhile on merits of his work ethic alone: the man wrote a lot of books and he really did his research.

But the truth is that I hadn't read his work. Though there are Westerns I've enjoyed (I'm looking at you, Tombstone), I thought that, in general, I "didn't like Westerns".

I was wrong. Westerns are great. And L'Amour is amazing.

The Cherokee Trail is about a woman - a widow with a young daughter - who travels to Colorado to take up the job promised to her deceased husband. She has no other choice, and she has to make this work.

I loved it.  I loved watching her learn about the land and the people. I loved watching her use what she'd learned in her previous life and adapt those skills to the new life she'd taken out of necessity.  I loved the hint of romance and the overwhelming heroism of her and the other good people on the frontier.

It was just a good book.  What gets me is just how compulsively readable this book was.  This is what good fiction does: it makes it easy to turn the page.

Recommended to anyone looking to pass a few hours with a good story, well-told.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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hopeinbrazil said...

You hooked me! I'll be checking out this book.