Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Links! all to one person, but still: Links!

I usually save up my links for one big post, but I think these are particularly worth highlighting, so I'm doing a super-short links post.

In 2009, Elizabeth Foss did a little series of articles about prayer and peace and work in the home. They're very good. I'm not Catholic, so I can't say "amen!" to every one of her theological practices, but her instruction on how to place oneself in the presence of God and then stay there throughout the day is so good.

The first is called Plan for a Peaceful Home, and is mostly about morning prayer.

The second is called Daily Meditations, and is about spiritual reading.

The third is called Prioritizing for Peace, and is about planning your day.

A few snippets to entice you:

"We begin by offering the day to the Lord, opening ourselves to the grace He freely offers and ensuring that even our failures are redemptive."

"Meditation and spiritual reading take less than half an hour a day. That half hour is an investment in my soul. Without the interior peace and direction that meditation brings, there is chaos and aimless drifting. With it, there is relative peace and purpose. It’s not perfect and praying in the morning doesn’t fold my laundry for me, but it does significantly help me to harness my will and to bring the grace and strength that are God’s freely given gifts to the tasks of my vocation."

"Because my day — my work and my play — has been offered to the Lord of my life, every action I make becomes an occasion for silent prayer to Him. I am mindful that this is not really my day, but His."

Peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell

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