Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gamgee's baptism

Lest you think I asked my son to turn his face away from the camera so that I could have a blog-worthy picture, let me assure you that all of them look like this:
The ceremony itself was wonderful, and Gamgee did a beautiful job - he even walked up and down the aisle with the bishop so that everyone could see him - and my favorite part was when he came back and said excitedly, "I get to take communion now!"

But though we talked to him about everything that went along with the baptism himself, and he obediently did everything he'd been told to do, we forgot to mention there would be pictures afterwards, and after a three-hour ceremony that started before dawn, well, it was just too much:

It was a wonderful morning though. And he perked up again at the post-church-service brunch. :D

Adam and I are on the left in these pictures, btw, and the handsome couple on the right is my brother and his wife, the proud godparents. I'll leave you to figure out who the guy in the funny hat is.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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