Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Links! Potter, Ascot, Excoriation & More

First, let's start with our Harry Potter funny of the day. Would you give this kid credit for his answer?
It's always fun to gawk at the hats worn to the Royal Ascot. And I've got to say, I'm digging Topiary Lady's lace gloves.
It's also fun to gawk at the hats worn by the new Duchess of Cambridge. And I agree with the Fug Girls: the white coat she's wearing in the second, third, & fourth picture is gorgeous.
One more fashion-ish link - though it's more craft than fashion - Samurai Knitter's quarterly excoriation of Vogue Knits is one of my favorite Internet events. Caution for language. (The invective gets particularly creative when she discovers VK's suggestion that a 38" bust counts as extra-large . . .)
I've mentioned before that I love Anne Kennedy, yes? It's because she's always writing things that sound like what's going on at our house, only she makes it all sound so much funnier. You know a blog post is good when it starts with the sentence:
"My first answer to nearly everything my children ask me is always a full throat-ed and enthusiastic 'NO!!!'."
Semicolon writes about how "It Takes Darkness and Light to Make a Good Book".


Susanne Dietze said...

The kids and I got a kick out of the Harry Potter link! Thanks for sharing.

I hope you're well, Jessica!

Willa said...

That's a good Semicolon article. As a child I hated realistic YA fiction, thought it was simply a cop-out. A lot of them had a reverse preachy tone to me. It sort of reminded me of those "educational books" that aren't really books at all, but niches in childrens' publishing lineups.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Susanne! I am doing well and hope you are too!