Sunday, June 19, 2011

I went for a run!

And this is novel enough to deserve its own blog entry apparently.

I learned:

-That I'm in shape enough to go off and run a 5K, just because I want to.

-If by "run" you mean "run most of the time, but stop and walk every five or ten minutes."

-Nonetheless, it was a run and not a walk.

-That it only takes half an hour to give myself blisters.

-That my town is full of lots of friendly people.

-That most of them are not stupid enough to go running when the sun's blazing.

-That, instead, these hours are properly to be spent sitting in the shade and eating something.

-Or, at the most, slowly walking one's dog.

-That, nonetheless, they will smile and wave at the crazy, sweaty running person.

-That I am no spring chicken.

-That my legs especially want me to know that I am No Spring Chicken.

-"You are No Spring Chicken" my legs say to me.

-That I still have a knee that complains when I run.

-That when my knee complains, it makes my hip complain.

-That running gives me just as much of an endorphin high as weight-lifting does.

-That it might be better than weight-lifting because I can stare at the trees and sky and birds while I run. No trees and birds and sky when I weight-lift.

-That I still want to weight-lift because I don't want to turn into a puny runner person with bad joints.

-That running is a great way to get alone time.

-That I have an awesome husband, who's okay with me going off for a 5k run, even though it's Father's Day.

Peace of Christ to you,

(and happy Trinity Sunday!)

Jessica Snell

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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Be nice to that knee of yours! But I'm glad you could do a is definitely cool that you are in shape enough to just do it, without planning and "pre-training".