Thursday, March 3, 2011

links! - Augustine, parenting . . . and a vase.

Wow. What a gracious post on parenting and discipline and, at the same time, what a blessing of a meditation on how God deals with us, His children.

My husband shared this with me. It made me laugh out loud, and I bet you'll have the same reaction.

I like Shannon Hale anyway (The Actor and the Housewife, need I say more?), but I really like her post on breastfeeding twins. Or, as she puts it, "Boobs as Udders."

Ooh, ooh! New books from Peace Hill Press!

Fun knitting blogs are easy to find; fun crochet blogs rather less so. But this one seems pretty good.

We're big Mo Willems fans in this house, and so I enjoyed both the news that one of his books won a CYBIL and the cartoon he drew of Elephant and Piggie's reaction, found here.

Fred Sanders' post on "What Augustine Confessed" is sort of hilarious (as well as being insightful, of course). I really like this summary:

i. Thesis: At one point in my adolescence, I ran wild in the shadowy jungle of erotic adventures.

ii. Clouds of muddy carnal concupiscence filled the air; The bubbling impulses of puberty befogged and obscured my heart; I couldn’t tell the difference between lust and love.

iii. At age 16, my family ran out of money and I took a year off of school. I had too much time on my hands. I made a bad set of friends. There was no family discipline to hold me back from doing what I wanted.

iv. I stole some pears!

It hardly takes a Freudian to perceive that Augustine isn’t talking about pears when he talks about pears.

I'm not usually a fan of vlogs, but this one cracked me up, maybe because this mom's discovery of her twin pregnancy so closely paralleled mine.

This review of The Organized Heart intrigues me. The title alone intrigues me!

This is, well, it's a post about a vase. But it's fascinating. And it's not about Wedgewood, but it is about what inspired Wedgewood and . . . and it's fascinating. I didn't even know anyone carved glass.

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