Thursday, March 10, 2011

7 Quick Takes

Quick takes!

1. I listened to an old Proclaimers cd this week, and heard this great line (addressed to God): "I'm not afraid of dying, but I am afraid of you." Wow.*

2. Weirdest parenting admonition out of my mouth this week, "Stop it! We don't salt the piano!"

3. Collard greens taste almost exactly like grass smells.**

4. Our house regressed in its de-baby-proofing this week. My make-up is not "paint", toothpaste should only be applied to ONE area of the body and even if you're potty-training, you're not old enough to manage it by yourself if some of the products of pottying (and not the nice one of the two) ends up on the floor. Doorknob guards back on the upstairs bathroom door. Yep.

5. Does it count as a science lesson if we carefully examine the progress of the decomposition of a lizard corpse every time we pass it on the way to the mailboxes?***

6. Best line from The Big Bang Theory this week: "They're having fun wrong." (From Sheldon, of course.)

7. I'm seven verses in to my attempt to memorize John 14-17. The truth is, I memorized most of chapter 14 back in college, so I'm finding it pretty easy so far. It's all coming back. Buuuuut . . . I'm a little worried that I won't be able to keep up the pace I want to once I get past the part that's already laid down somewhere in the back of my mind, but I'm hoping that there's some sort of memorization muscle in the brain that will be well warmed up by then.

Truth to tell, the thing I keep telling myself when I feel like I was nuts to take this one is, "People memorize Hamlet." (And thanks to Ken Branagh, we all know how long that is.) Why do we take it for granted that memorization is almost impossible when there's a whole profession (acting) that depends on the ability?

Of course, they're professionals, which brings me back to the memorization muscle idea. I think those actors might have buff memories.****

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Peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell

*Okay, so after I started this blog entry and before I posted it, I ended up using that line as a blog post title. Sorry, folks. Redundancy is inevitable around here.

**This isn't a bad thing. It's just an observation. I actually liked it.

***The process is taking a lot longer than I would have guessed. No wonder people make alligator shoes. You could probably get a pair that lasted even if you skipped the tanning stage.

****Though, really, here's what I want to want to say when I memorize Scripture. I want to say: "Write here. I want your words in this place. This place I would otherwise fill with something less worthy."

This Lent, I want to put Christ's words in the middle of my waking thoughts, and I want to let His words crowd out the things that are less worthy.


Bia said...

Shakespearean actors simply amaze me.

And you're probably correct about that memorization muscle ... I should probably exercise mine a little more:)

Sheree said...

hi Jessica... first time visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing! Entertaining and insightful. :) I'll try to remember to drop by once in a while.