Monday, March 7, 2011

Daybook - March 7

I love it when Kerry posts these, so I thought I'd try one of my own:

outside my window . . . It's sunny and there's a bright blue sky with puffy white clouds.

I am listening to . . . Michael Card's Joy in the Journey. Resonating in my mind is the line, "to look into your judge's face/and see a savior there." Perfect listening for right before Lent.

I am wearing . . . the tie-dye dress I wore when I went to tell my now-husband that yes, actually, I did like him, and was he still interested, even though it was almost five months ago that he asked? (He was.) And leggings. It's still March, after all, and the time for sundresses alone is not yet.

I am so grateful for . . . the sunshine. And green leaves to see it through.

I'm pondering . . . Lent, mostly. Hammering down exactly what my intentions are. It's a good thing.

I am reading . . . Dallas Willard's Hearing God. And the epilogue of Joshua Choonmin Kang's Scripture by Heart.

I am creating . . . the first of three crocheted Easter dresses (one for each girl). The crochet-work is done, but I still need to sew it a lining, and then piece it together. (The boy isn't left out, btw, he's getting a vest in his beloved orange.)

around the house . . . the bathrooms are getting scrubbed down today. Boring, but so very lovely and necessary to have done.

from the kitchen . . . turnips tonight! The exclamation point is because they're beautiful, tiny, sweet spring turnips. I'm going to boil the greens and steam the turnips and toss them with butter, salt and pepper. Mmm, my mouth is watering already. Seriously, these are so good.

real education in our home . . . Just plugging away. But in the good, solid, reading-writing-arithmetic kind of a way. Beginning to think about curricula for next year. Solidly into thinking about activities for next year. Realizing that I really am the type of homeschooling mom who likes being home. (Versus running around to a million activities.)

the church year in our home . . . getting ready for Lent!

recent milestones . . . I finished frogging my first thrift-store sweater for the yarn. Frogged the sweater, wound the yarn into hanks, measured what I had, and washed the hanks. I know have ten and a half hanks of a wool/mohair/acrylic blend drying from hangers. I got 1200+ yards out of a $7 sweater dress. Now that's a bargain!

Here's a close-up that shows the real color of the yarn:

There's a couple of shawls in there - or an afghan - or . . . something. I don't know. But I had such fun processing the yarn!

the week ahead. . . This week we have the Ash Wednesday service coming up, and we've also got Gamgee's birthday on the way. Present is ordered, now I just need to negotiate with him on the cake. He wants carrot cake. I think carrot cake is an abomination. But he's the birthday boy, so he'll probably win.

Peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell


betsy said...

Hope the boy wins on the cake - carrot cake is my very favorite kind (altho unlike his sister, I have not tried to convince him of this)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Does he think that carrot cake is orange? Perhaps he wants it for the color. In which case you could compromise on a different kind of cake with orange frosting. :)

Kerry said...

Hi, Jessica! I'm always surprised by how much I enjoy doing the daybook posts (especially looking back over them months later)...and even more how much others enjoy them.

But now I know why others enjoy them! They are delightful to read - a little glimpse into your life.

I LOVED Willard's book "Hearing God". Might like to pull it back out again.