Thursday, March 31, 2011

the dilemma of the good public library

How do you read them all before they're due?

And if you've got all that yummy-looking stuff checked out, how do you make time for all the yummy-looking stuff you already own?

I've never read a how-to post or time-management article that adequately address the problem of good books. I don't think there's any satisfactory answer other than: grin and dig in. ("Throw yourself on that unexploded cream puff for the emperor, boy!"*)

Praise God for books.

Peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell

*five points to anyone who can tag that quotation!


Amy said...

My college student has a serious library addiction. Her school is very close to the local library - she has never lived so close!

She is managing her reading just like she manages her homework and other projects.

She has a magnetic whiteboard in her dorm room where she lists all the books she has borrowed and the week they are due and uses colored magnets to set her priorities for the week based on when the books are due and her interest in the book.

Also, she carefully manages the holds she puts on books so that they will arrive (hopefully) when she has the time to read them.

She is also good at managing the librarians :-)

AND she is on the Dean's list.

I'm bringing home her personal library next time I visit. She hasn't touched them since she arrived as a freshman.

kate o. said...

i've become the master of the renewal. our library lets you do it up to five times, which means many of the books end up living with us for months. so i guess it feels like they get added to our own library??

our library's site also just started a "wish list" of sorts so i don't feel the pressure to check-out or put something on hold right away. it's lovely.

Joshua said...

Civil Campaign! And I do too comment!

(And I beat Mom... ha!)

Jessica said...

No! Wrong Vorkosigan book!


But thank you for commenting, Josh. :)