Sunday, July 30, 2017

Weekly Links: story-boarding, anti-popes, and more!

Sunset in Reno, where I attended a writing conference this weekend.


-For my fellow writers, a helpful article on how to plot and story-board with Scrivener.

-And for my fellow writers who write poetry, here's an article on how to actually make some money from it.

-And one more writing link, on when to adopt a pen name.

-For my fellow liturgy nerds, here's a helpful and interesting overview of Anglican vestments.

-This is a helpful article, and I especially appreciate the last section, which articulates the positive vision: The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships: A Review Article.

-And speaking of, here's a helpful reminder: The Church Has Always Known Theological Controversy.

-And a moving article from a parent who's further down the road than I am: On Being the Happiest Millionaire: Jane Gets Married. I really liked this part:
[Our daughter and new son-in-law] will go on an exciting trip after the wedding and we will go home, having let them go. If we have done our job well, then now we are honored parents, friends. As a result, sometimes they will choose to come home for Christmas, not out of duty, but because they wish to do so. If we made the parting easy, then the return will be easy as well! The time has come, so far as their lives go, to play a supporting role to their starring turn and this is good.

-And let's end with something funny. I've really been enjoying the D-List Saints column over at Christ and Pop Culture. This one, The Guy Who Just Decided He Was Pope, was particularly good. Here's a snippet:
No, seriously—not only did the guy write large chunks of the Western liturgy, he also straight-up invented the concept of an “antipope.” What have you done with your life?

I hope what's left of your Sunday is peaceful and restful.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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