Friday, February 4, 2011

Help, I'm falling in love with Ravelry

Of course, I should have joined long ago. My friend Becca told me about this awesome website, a sort of Facebook/organizer for knitters and crocheters. But I, ever fearful of the virtual timesuck, stayed away for a long, long time. (And I'm still staying away from Facebook. I hear it's evil.)
But this Christmas, as I fell back into my annual love of fiber arts (brought on by the return of - can't say cold exactly, but - not hot weather), I decided to try Ravelry.
Wow. What a lovely, lovely place. Patterns, yarn, forums about patterns and yarn . . . and all the lovely, lovely pictures.
Is it a virtual timesuck? Yes. Yes, it is.
But it's also useful. I'm able to organize all my yarns, patterns, current projects and projected projects. They're all in one place. They're not floating around in my head anymore, driving me crazy like a little, imaginary cloud of gnats*.
I love organization. I may sometimes be a frustrated J, but I'm such a J. I love organization. I'm just bad at showing that loves sometime.
But today, I'm having fun getting my Ravelry notebook in order and dreaming about all the lovely things that might come from it. (Nevermind that I have about 5 WIPs going already - crochet projects are like books to me: if reading one at a time is fun, reading five at a time must be better.)
So, if you're on Ravelry, let me know. We could be friends. :)
Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell
*"Gnats" is a word that makes me laugh today, because today I taught my first-grader the "silent G before N" rule, and there's nothing to bring up the giggles like hearing your six-year-old read about the gnats that make the gnomes gnash their teeth. Especially when she still isn't quite remembering to leave off the "G" sound each time.


Katie K said...

I've had a Ravelry account for a while now but haven't really done anything with it. You've inspired me to explore more of the awesome features this yarn community has to offer (thanks? =)). My Ravelry user name is duckinghampalace.

MomCO3 said...

Oh, I'll be your friend! I'm momco3.

Jessica said...

Yay! Okay, I've added you. Thanks! (I'm Vanauken on there.)