Thursday, February 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes

1)There is Easter candy on sale at the drug store. It is not even Lent yet.

2) Yes, I bought some. Like I said: it's not Lent yet.

3) Ever realize that Welsh accents and Indian accents sound sort of similar? . . . on that topic, ever wonder what your accent sounds like to other people? I'm kind of afraid to know.

4) One of my neighbors is a talented pianist. Sometimes we'll all be sitting in the living room, and suddenly we're treated to the sound of Bach coming through the walls. Are you jealous?

5) The previous item, btw, almost makes up for the fact that we used to live next to people who had drunken parties below our bedroom window late into the night. Still, probably everyone's lived next to folks like that sometime or other. I'm not sure everyone gets to live next to lovely pianists. I do realize my luck.

6) I thought today, being one of the first days in three weeks we did not either have to either A) go out of the house somewhere or B) deal with vomit, would be the day that I got the house entirely clean. I was wrong. Today I got the house entirely picked up. I forgot that the one must come before the other. Tomorrow will be the day I get the house clean (Lord willing).

#7 . . . written later in the evening. Well, I'm glad I ended #6 the way I did, because it turns out that I'm babysitting my four-month-old nephew tomorrow. Which is delightful (I haven't seen him in weeks because of the flu infesting our house and our desire NOT to pass it on to said nephew - and I miss my nephew), but which also probably means my house won't get that clean tomorrow! :)

Guess the Lord wills that I snuggle a sweet baby tomorrow and watch my kids snuggle a sweet baby and act pretty sweet themselves. At least, I hope that's the plan! But, again, we'll do what He wills. At least, as the liturgy says, we will with His help.

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Peace of Christ to you,

Jessica Snell

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MomCO3 said...

I thought I was going to tell you I loved #1 and #2, but then I read the rest of the post. You'll have my giggling all day.