Friday, June 6, 2008

intarsia crochet baby blanket

Here are my two baby girls snuggled up for a tandem nap under a blanket I made for them when I was in the hospital on 24/7 fetal heartbeat monitoring:

I actually made two blankets, but this one turned out best, and it's the one we use from day to day. I charted it out like you chart out cross-stitch and also sketched out where I wanted each patch (I worked it in rectangles) to go. Then I stitched it all together and edged it.

One of the blessings about making this blanket - aside from its usefulness now and the way it helped pass the time then - is that it gave me something to chat with the nurses about while I sat in bed in Labor Room 1 for six weeks. Turns out some nurses like needlework too!

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qualcosa di bello said...

i want you to know what a blessing this beautiful photo is...i have kept you in my prayers since you shared your news last year. what a joy to see those sweet baby girls in a peaceful sleep under a gorgeous blanket made by momma! God is so good!