Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recently-tried recipes

I went on a baking spree recently. I just had this urge to open up a ton of bookmarked recipes and sprint through them.

So I did! And boy, did we eat well that night (and for several mornings afterwards).

Here's what I made:

-Lemon-Herb Roasted shrimp - om nom nom nom.  Nom nom. Nom, nommy-nom nom.

Just sayin'.  (But then, I like shrimp.)

-healthy pumpkin spice latte - this one I modified by using dairy milk, rather than almond. It was much darker and earthier than the fluffy Starbucks version, but I really liked it. And she's right: this version could be a meal.

-island spice cookies - oh my goodness, this is what Lofthouse cookies wish they were. Be sure to make the maple icing. (And next time, I might add a little Chinese Five Spice powder to these, just to pack a bit more punch - I like my spice cookies spicy. But they were still scrumptious, just as written.)

-muesli cookies - my husband really liked these, and so did one of my kids. I need to make them again to see if I do too - I was recovering from wisdom tooth removal while these were in play.

-pb granola bars - These were a hit with 4 out of 6 family members - but the people who liked them really liked them. I was one of the few exceptions; the honey taste was just too strong for me. But if you really like the taste of honey, you will devour these. I'm planning on making them again, because they're super-simple, decently healthy, and a great easy breakfast if you make them beforehand.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

P.S.: On a recent post, I asked for breakfast ideas, so I wanted to be sure to note that both the muesli cookies and the pb bars froze really well, and helped me in my quest for easier breakfasts!

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