Monday, May 5, 2014

Links: Organizing vs. Decluttering, the Future of Protestantism, and more!

Weekend links - just a bit late. Enjoy!

"The powerful difference between organizing & decluttering":
And then there’s the beautiful aftermath that follows decluttering. You find yourself happy to own less, so if you consciously keep stuff from entering your door again, you start owning this habit. You genuinely don’t want to shop because then you’d have to do something with the new stuff.
"The Future of Protestantism": This video from Biola University is a great discussion - my husband and I watched the live stream earlier in the week, and really enjoyed it.

And this post contains a bunch of great follow-up links.  I'm just really heartened by listening to smart, thoughtful, educated people working through these important issues.

And now, here's a treat - a much shorter treat - that's relevant to our interests: two brilliant profs from my alma mater, discussing the liturgical year:

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