Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weekend Links: Slushpile Hell, Parenting Fails (or not), and more!

Some weekend links for your reading (and watching) pleasure!

Slushpile Hell - a very, very funny Tumblr, from a literary agent deeply buried in bad queries.

"Parents who fail (and parents who don't)":  Just go read this one.

"equip your kids to “say no” to porn":
Too many parents are still asking the wrong question with regard to children and explicit content. We can no longer ask, “How should I prepare my child for if they see porn?” We must ask, “How should I prepare my child for when they see porn?” External controls are important, but they only shield your child from a handful of instances when porn can make an appearance. Mobile devices are everywhere, and your neighbor’s unsecured wi-fi is easy to find.
"Getting to Yes":
Remember that quote I shared a few weeks ago?
“Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.” ― Frederick Buechner
I think it’s true.
But the world’s deep need is dangerous . . .

"SDfAoWOP: Agag":
And Saul doesn't get it. What's the big deal? So I didn't do exactly what God said. Who cares. So I didn't kill this man that God commanded me to kill. And it would have been such a waste to slaughter all these sheep. Everyone here thinks God is so good but he's not, thinks Saul.
"Okay, NOW Racism’s Over, Right?":
Although I wouldn’t classify this as one of my actual beliefs, I do recognize in my emotional comportment an attitude that says race is only a problem if you make it a problem. When somebody brings up race and racism, I often catch myself, nearly subliminally, wondering what is motivating them to stir up trouble. Now that’s weird. Because if you put a quiz in front of me asking if I think all is well in the world, if justice rules in general or with regard to race in particular, if equality is something we experience, I would answer with a resounding no, and I think I could also offer a pretty good theological account of why we shouldn’t be surprised to find injustice built into the human condition. But when racial problems come up, there’s that response again from the soulish equivalent of my central nervous system: a feeling that a perfectly fine status quo has been disturbed by somebody who can’t let well enough alone.
"Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden’s Syndrome": This is a free novella by John Scalzi that I really enjoyed. (It's a prequel to his next novel, and as an advertising strategy? Worked for me. I totally want to read the book now.) Anyway, enjoy!

"My Foolish, Yet Fool-Proof Tips for Writing a Synopsis!":
In an industry where a lot of skimming is done, a synopsis is essential. And because many of us have to give a summary to higher ups for approval, we need that synopsis. We don’t pore over them, salivating over each luscious description. We just want the most crucial points given in a matter-of-fact way. But fear not. Just because you hate writing a synopsis–I hate it, too–I’ve developed an almost foolproof way to get it done. For this mission, you will need: 5+ episodes of your favorite show ready to be called up on your watching device, a timer, a bag of Peanut M&Ms (optional) and the will to work in short bursts.

And, finally, The Evangelical Outpost kindly reviewed "Let Us Keep the Feast: Holy Week and Easter", and you can read their review here.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks!
Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Anne Kennedy said...

That Simcha piece is really funny! And thanks for constantly linking me! And I just more and more wish we could have some kind of Anglican Blogging Weekend or something.

Jessica Snell said...

ooh, an Anglican blogging weekend . . . that deserves some serious thought, IMHO.