Thursday, August 22, 2013

Links! Samwise, Dangerous Chemicals, New Books, and more!

"The Choices of Master Samwise, and Calling, and Going Against the Grain":
In another way, we are not operating against the grain of our nature when we are called, even when our call seems outside of what comes naturally to us. We are called to our true nature. Sam's service to his master leads him to the veriest outreaches of the world, very far from the natural element of his garden. But it doesn't make him less of a gardener, cook, and personal servant. He remains Samwise Gamgee throughout all the battles and choices. He is often uncomfortable, but hardly ever outside of his comfort zone, defined as operating based on who he is and what his role is. 
"Things I Won't Work With": - a chemist explains what substances are so terribly dangerous he doesn't even want them in his lab. Dryly hilarious.

"Wesley on the Christian Life: the Heart Renewed in Love": a new book from Fred Sanders - yay! You can read my review of his book on the Trinity here; I'm excited to read his book on Wesley.

"Book Review: Beating the Lunch Box Blues by J.M. Hirsch": Ann's review makes me really want to read this book, too.

"When God Says to Get Drunk":
Go ahead and lose control. Go ahead and get intoxicated, but get drunk in the love and passionate pursuit of your wife. What wine does to your body, let your wife do to your affections and desires. 

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