Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1. A Facebook friend posted a video filled with things Southern women say*, and remarked that it hadn't occurred to her before that most of those sayings were Southern - that not everyone 'round the country uses them.

Which has me pondering what I say that's particularly Californian. (Other than "like" and "the 5".)

All I came up with is that we're pretty media-centered out here, and our speech is often filled with movie quotations, internet memes and online acronyms.

But I don't know. That might be universally American these days. What do you think? Do other areas of the country communicate through RiffTrax quotations and say things like "brb" as if they were actual words?

("Enjoy my back.")

2. On the other hand, all those might not be a sign that I'm Californian. They might just be a sign that I'm a bit of a geek.

3. The other sign that I'm a geek - visible in quick take #1 - is that I insist on using "quotation" instead of "quote" to indicate the noun. "Quote" is a verb, people!

4. Do non-Californians end their remonstrances with "people!"?

5. Clearly, I need to travel more.

6. If I traveled more, it wouldn't be to dry washes in Utah to capture footage of flash floods. That said, this is still pretty awesome.

7. Finally, here's my cat in a frying pan. I swear it was his idea. And I promise I didn't cook him.

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Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

*Language warning on the video.


Mary-andering Creatively said...

Love your cat and your quick, funny seven takes. Great witt or whit? Anyway thanks for the LOL moment. :)

Sue Zanna said...

I'm in India, and my 21 year old brother communicates exclusively in movie quotes.. ahem.. quotations

Jenny said...

I have a teen daughter and the "like" is just about to do me in! I need to click over and read what Southerners say since I am one.
3-2-1 Party

lasselanta said...

Fun! Some other SoCal-isms (but I have no idea if you say them or not):

-dude, bro, chick, etc.
-"the industry" (meaning moviemaking)
-"I'm sorry" replaces "excuse me"
-"It's all good"
-the intonation trick where almost every sentence ends with rising pitch

Jim says that if you want a list of New-England-isms, he'd be happy to oblige. :-)

Jessica Snell said...

Sharon, I love those!

Hm, of the list, I use "SoCal", "dude", "chick", "the industry", and I probably do the rising pitch thing . . . sometimes. :)

And yes, I'd love a list of New-England-isms!

becca said...

You have a cat?!? Since when? :)

Jessica Snell said...

We've had Jack for a little over a year. He's very, very grumpy and very, very pretty.