Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Daybook for August 17

outside my window . . . eighty-degree weather in August. So weirdly wonderful.

I am listening to . . . knitting and crocheting podcasts. Thinking it's about time to switch to some music.

I am wearing . . . A light, full cotton skirt and a tank top. I feel comfy and pretty, and that's a valuable combination.

I am so grateful for . . . kids who love to play together. Seriously.

I'm pondering . . . appearance and what we communicate by how we look, whether we want to or not.

I am reading . . . Tennyson's In Memorium. Also, just finished Deadline, and am bummed that the next one in the series isn't out yet.

I am creating . . . a couple of scarves, one out of laceweight alpaca, and one out of my Kool-Aid-dyed yarn.

around the house . . . The upstairs is clean and picked up. The downstairs is clean and NOT picked up. My goal is to have both floors clean AND picked up by the weekend.

from the kitchen . . . there is much fresh produce and very little actual cooking. That's okay: it's summertime.

real education in our home . . . Bess and I are popcorn-writing a story together, i.e., she writes a sentence and then I write a sentence. It's about fairies, but the best part is the names of their evil goblin enemies, things like "Snot Rag" and "Rotten Mustache" and "Poop Paper". Gamgee is learning to read.

the church year in our home . . . I thought a lot about the Dormition of Mary on Monday, but didn't do anything to celebrate it. Still enjoying the long, green, post-Pentecostal season. Making Christmas presents. Grateful for mass every Sunday.

recent milestones . . . Gamgee read his first book!

the week ahead . . . getting the house in order. Finishing the bulk of the research for the next novel. Reading to the kids, a lot, I hope.

picture thought . . . perfect morning from camping: in the Sierras, next to the fire, drinking coffee, reading Tennyson.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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