Thursday, August 18, 2011

Links! culture, SAHMS, fashion, and more!

And Sometimes Tea talks about politics, but more interestingly (to me, anyway), she talks about how in our culture "I disagree" is increasingly being taken to mean "I hate you". (I also recommend the comment thread on this post.)

Jennifer Fulwiler writes about how "Stay-at-Home Moms Need Help". I can't agree with her more. And the comment thread on this article is even better than the comment thread on the previous article.

Betty Beguiles reviews the upcoming fall trends (can it be a trend if it hasn't happened yet?). Though I disagree with her opinion on dusters (dusters are AWESOME!), she has the rest of it pretty well nailed. And she's very funny.

Here's a cartoon from The Ironic Catholic that summarizes the nature of internet arguments.

Crochet is often wacky and colorful in bad ways, but I think this sampler afghan is wacky and colorful in all the right ways. Each square was designed by a different pattern author and uses different stitches but the colors are all coordinated. In its nature it's like an old-fashioned embroidery sampler, but due to scale it reads visually more like a crazy quilt. Speaking of, do you think I'm crazy for wanting to make it? I'm visualizing it in white and blue and green . . .

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell


Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I can definitely see that kind of quilt in your home. You should do it!

Anonymous said...

No, no Em! Not in her home: I can definitely see that kind of crazy-quilt in MY home! I'd even buy the yarn (hint, hint Jess) and then the problem of "what shall I give my dear old Mom for her 60th birthday next year?" will be solved!!