Sunday, August 21, 2011

Links! pronoun use, kitsch and how Harry Potter should have ended

Here's an article from Scientific American about what the pronouns we use can tell us about ourselves. Seriously. With statistics and everything. Even the researcher behind the project never thought that researching pronoun use would lead to any discoveries but . . . well, read the article. The pronouns we use most frequently are actually incredibly revealing.

I know a lot of you also enjoy podcasts, so let me recommend this one from the Scriptorium, discussing kitsch and camp, and whether or not we can still afford to be silly in the digital age.

The brilliant folks at How It Should Have Ended now have a video for how Harry Potter should have ended. I have to say: their solution is quite clever and even plausible for the character involved:

But my favorite part (now that you've watched it, right?) is Voldemort's "I'm pointing my wand at you as hard as I can!" :D Yep! That was certainly the one part that was a lot sillier in the movie (where you didn't have any narration to explain what was going on) than it was in the book (where you did).

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Jessica Snell

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