Tuesday, February 27, 2007

wfmw: kids and scones

My daughter (2 1/2 years old) loves baking with me. And baking with her drove me nuts.

No, that's not true. What drove me nuts wasn't baking with Bess (that's sweet and fun). What drove me nuts was washing her hands over and over and over because I didn't want her sticking them in her mouth. Almost all baking involves eggs, and salmonella scares me to death.

What's the answer? Baking eggless scones. Scones are delicious, flakey creations that contain butter, flour, and any kind of yummy thing you can imagine - except eggs. You can make them sweet (apple-pear scones! cranberry scones!) or savory (cheddar-black pepper scones!). They do as side dish or dessert!

Scones include all the fun, toddler-involving steps that cookies do: measuring, stirring, rolling out the dough, but no eggs! no salmonella! no worries if your kid sticks her hands in her mouth at any point during the process!

Baking scones with toddlers, works for me! (And for my daughter, who thinks the rolling pin is the coolest creation this side of toy tractors.)

(Okay, true confession time: there are gazillions of scone recipes that do include eggs. But it's not hard to find some that don't. And they're really good.)

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peace of Christ to you,

p.s. You're also safe with any vegan dessert recipe. By definition, vegan recipes contain no animal products whatsoever. (But vegan = no butter = no scones. Just sayin'.)


Stacitee said...

Good idea. Baking with kids is hard. I have to hold my breath when the flour goes flying all over the place. I just want my kids to have good memories so I do try.

Nikki said...

Great idea. I try to let them help me in the kitchen--and not judge or over-criticize them. This is a great tip!

Kerri said...

My kids love to help bake. They are older, so they know they can't sample stuff with eggs, but sometimes it's nice to have something safe. Great idea!

MC Milker said...

Good idea- we just went through this yesterday baking a birthday cake...can you make those without eggs?

PastorMac's Ann said...

Great idea! My guys would love to try something like this.