Saturday, February 7, 2015

Weekly Links

Just a few this week:

"The 'Plus One' Approach to Church":
Are you just starting out at a new church and don’t know how to get plugged in? Have you been at your church for years and still haven’t found your place? Are you feeling disconnected, unhappy, or bored with your local congregation? Let me suggest you enter the “Plus One” program of church involvement.
"Considering Lent": I'm honored to see "Let Us Keep the Feast" on this list, and there are some other great resources on this list - check it out!

"Shifts and Changes: part four, the growing of children":
I said yesterday that Motherhood is discovering every day the capacity to do more work, like a long protracted endless boot camp. But that's only one half of motherhood. The other half of motherhood, assuming that you can divide motherhood into two halves and why wouldn't you, is that as soon as you've figured something out and gotten good at it, the child undergoes some kind of radical change and you are faced with new unknown territory. The rule is, as soon as you've gotten into a comfortable routine, that's when there will be a revolutionary change.

Have a great weekend!

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