Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

We were at church early this morning, before the sun was up, to get ashes put on our foreheads and to be reminded we were going to die.  All of us, yes, even these beautiful children, with their bright eyes and their round cheeks.

But we were also at church, early this morning, as the sun was coming up, to drink and to be fed the very blood and body of our Lord, and to be reminded that we were going to live. All of us, yes, even those whose bones were aching and whose skin was wrinkled.

The Lord made us of dust, and to dust we shall return.

The Lord became one of us, and like Him we will be, rising again, by His grace.

I wish you a good and holy Lent.  May it be a season of traveling back to your first love, growing ever lighter with every step, as we drop our burdens by the wayside, along with our pleasures. As we ask forgiveness for our sins and mercies for our shortcomings.

As we learn to repent.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

P.S. If you want some more resources for the Lenten season, I have links to Lenten content around the web here, on my church year resources page.  You can view all Lenten content from this blog here (which includes both links and original content).  Finally,  Let Us Keep the Feast: Living the Church Year at Home, has an entire chapter on Lent, and includes everything I wish I'd known when I first started observing the season.

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