Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Knitted Finished Objects: Kids' Hats

This summer, a few weeks before we went camping up in the Sierra Nevada, I decided I really, really needed to knit each of my children a warm cap. Just because, well, because I needed to, that's why.

Yeah . . . I was knitting on the drive up AND at the campsite itself.

But I did it!

And it was super-fun, especially because I let each child choose the yarn for his or her own cap. I loved seeing what each of them picked! And here's how they turned out:

PINK for Lucy
Sunset colors for Anna
"Beehive" colors for Gamgee
Oceany-blues for Bess

The pattern I used for all of these is really basic (and free!), and you can find it here.

I had so much fun making my kids hats that they really, really liked. I loved letting them each choose their own materials.

I kind of want to do it again. Maybe scarves next time?  :)

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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becca said...

Adorable and perfect! I love how they each picked colors they wanted. :)