Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yarnalong: "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode" and the "Everything Nice Hoodie"

Oooh, which do I start with first? The book or the knitting? They're both so lovely . . .

Okay, let's start with the book.

I've been a fan of Crystal Paine's site, Money-Saving Mom, for a long time now. I even had the privilege of guest-posting there once.

So, when she came out with a book with the inviting title of "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode", I had to pick it up. And you know what? It's good.

If you've ever heard the Internet meme "how do I adult?", well, this book is the answer to that question. This book is all about "how to adult".

It's the sort of book you want to pick up when life leaves you flailing, and unsure of what to do next. Probably most of us could predict what sort of tips are going to be in this book. That doesn't matter. What makes this book nice is that all of those orderly, comforting principles are all put in their orderly, comfortable place by a woman who's clearly learned them all through hard experience.

It's the sort of book that you want to read through when you're wondering, for the millionth time, "How do I do this again?"

I'm liking it.

Now, onto the knitting.

We're planning on going camping this summer. And last summer, I took up my first real, true, handknit sweater to the mountains with us. And it was wonderful. It was so warm.

But, it was a v-neck, and so it left my neck cold.

So, as summer's approaching again, I've found myself wanting a new sweater. Once that buttons all the way up to my chin.

And I found this beauty. It buttons all the way up! And it has a hood. And it has extra-long cuffs with a thumbhole in them, so that you can pull the cuffs down over your hands and they become fingerless gloves!

This pattern is so, so cool. I can't wait to finish it and try it on.

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Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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Melissa Marie said...

Loving the sweater. Have never tried making one but would love to someday! :)

Jessica Snell said...

thanks, Melissa Marie! :)