Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yarn-Along: another Color Affection!

Yes, this is my third Color Affection. What can I say? I love this pattern. It's the perfect relaxing knitting. Just garter stitch, back and forth, in pretty colors.

This one is for my mom. After all, I already have two. But I wanted to make the pattern again, and so when my mom volunteered that she was interested in having one, I jumped.

She picked out and bought the yarn. I get the fun of making it. Perfect! :)

The book is "After the Golden Age", by Carrie Vaughn. I finished and loved "Dreams of the Golden Age" (I talked about it here), and so I went back to read the first book.

It'd been long enough since I'd read it that I'd forgotten a bunch of the plot, and just remembered the satisfaction of the story. Perfect time to reread.

More yarn-and-book goodness can be found here, at Ginny's place.

Peace of Christ to you,
Jessica Snell

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Mama Gone Green said...

That shawl is gorgeous! Have fun making another!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post... for obvious reasons! Mom

Reinventing Mother said...

Am adding this to my shawl list!

Jessica Snell said...

thanks so much, ladies!